Review: Tsoko Nut (stylized Tsoko.Nut) Batirol


We dropped by McKinley Hill the other day and the brief stroll under a blazing hot Sunday afternoon warranted a short trip to cool down at Tsokonut!

PicMonkey Collage
The interior and the counter area.

The guy in purple pink stripes can pass as a photo bomber eh? Can’t blame him, he’s been pacing to follow up on his meals. Which leads me to this point. The service, when we got here, was slow. I reckon there were only two people manning the shop that time? Both working in a relaxed pace. If they are not selling a bunch cold drinks/chilled desserts then they can move like that but they are, and in the peak of this dry season, on a weekend like that, it’s either they hustle or they hire additional hands to help.

  1. Mango Tango Shake at P110. A bit sad that it is not too sweet. Ha! I know some of you will root for this then. Refreshing and so natural.
  2. Salted Kape Karamel at P105 (with my niece as model). Amazing. Imagine the saltiness of the caramel (er, more of the staff just sprinkled sea salt on top of the whipped cream!) marrying through the sweetness of the iced coffee? Bliss!
  3. Choco Banana Shake at P105. Not a fan of banana so for me this was just okay. Chocolate with a banana aftertaste.
  4. Tsoko Loco at P105. This one I was not able to taste -.-

Pardon the pictures. Well, to know more about this photography dilemma you can read my rants here.

  1. Tsoko Kreme n Mangoes at P105. I could say that this is the younger sister of Conti’s Mango Bravo! Well, if you have fallen in love with Mango Bravo you will surely fall for Tsoko Kreme n Mangoes too.
  2. Yema Sans Rival at P95. Sans rival enveloped in delicious yema (custard candy). True to the name, expect sweetness from within! On our table it was overshadowed by “Tsoko” though (insert sad emoticon).

Overall, despite the service speed issue, it was a sweet and chilled (pun intended!) food experience at Tsoko Nut. I want to be back! This time, trying out their hot meals as I read a good review about it.

I told myself on our way home: how come in six years of working at the RCBC Plaza, I did not even attempt to enter their store? Bummer!



R 203, Venice Plaza

Upper Mckinley Road

Mckinley Hill, Taguig City


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