Review: Zark’s Burger


I was not able to take a photo of the facade but here is a good alternative to it:

Off to the second floor. 

It’s like a hall of your burger dreams, right? Burgerlandia! More of welcome to your demise — death by cholesterol.

Let us get started. Here is the menu and you can find it as soon as you enter the premises:

At the entrance. Indulge with the burger description and wipe any drool to your heart’s desire.

We came in pretty early (?) as the staff has only started cleaning. Except for this outlier (guy texting), everyone else was advised to go to the second floor. Special shoutouts to 1. that Mac Cardona jersey (my sister really liked her when he was playing for DLSU; his partner in crime Joseph Yeo was a college crushie!) 2. that blue lemonade, a Zark’s staple.

interior first floor
Ground floor
Ground floor: East’s great vs. West’s finest (can you guess who owned these jerseys?)


The second floor’s wall is full of some amazing sports photos

Going to Zark’s Burger will always give you that vibe that an NBA game is underway. Oh well, it was underway when we went there for lunch (hey! so apparently we were not that early?). The wall itself screams “basketball” and others as there are a few football/soccer, American football (more of hand egg), golf and boxing photos.

The server told us that the serving time will be around 15 minutes but I think the orders came in pretty quick! Maybe I was just too engrossed checking out the wall…hmmm…

My sincerest apologies for the photos. In a family where “we are here to eat not to take photos” it sure is difficult taking decent food shots (well, aside from the fact I suck at taking good photos and I need to upgrade my smartphone). The point is, and it is painfully consistent, everyone seems to be rushing! Especially my mother who did not have the patience in almost everything since she turned 50.

Okay, enough of the rant. What we ordered:

Nachos Galore at P85

The nachos were crisp which was a good thing (some nachos aren’t — think of being maanta). These babies were drizzled with cheese and lemon garlic sauces plus some bacon bits. I wish the bacon bits were more generous because obviously there was not much, though at P85 it may seem forgivable. The salsa on the side was the bomb actually — and tasted really fresh too! What a way to cleanse the palate! Wish they could have given that kind of salsa serving to customers who ordered Jawbreaker and Tombstone because that amount of fat kind of saturates the taste buds.

We ordered burger meals (burger + fries + choice of blue lemonade or iced tea) and the prices can be seen on the menu’s photo I posted above.

Zark’s Ultimate Burger (we had two of these, one for mom and for the girlfriend of my brother)

I ordered this in the past and yes it will give you that kind of happy tummy feeling — not over the top, not so-so, just the perfect amount of “burp!”

For my brother, it’s the Shaq Burger (which looks perfect for me on my next visit)
Jawbreaker for yours truly

Okay, I did not entirely finish it. I ate 80% of the burger. The remaining 20% I gave to my eight year old nephew. Going back, this burger has three crazy beef patties stacked and I, funnily, could not understand why I seemed to not finish the entire thing though I kept on eating. When I was 22 maybe I’d laugh at this burger and chomp it in a jiffy. Maybe you are 22 and reading this and telling yourself this woman is exaggerated, it isn’t that crazy. Jawbreaker is a wake up call that my food consumption heyday is over — it was big and it had everything you could ever want in a burger. A filling meal nevertheless! In fact, I needed a hot cup of green tea after.

Not in photo: King James Tomahawk (since my niece and nephew sit opposite me and I cannot count on my mother talking foodfie). For young kids like them, this is pretty good for sharing! I did not hear them whining that the burger meal was bitin, in fact, my brother threatened my six-year-old niece that if she did not finish her share, she would be left alone in their apartment. The poor kid did not have a choice but slay the whole thing.

Other comments:

  • The patty is patty. My mom (who comments negatively on just about anything since she turned 50 (reiteration is a must!) said the burger is a bit bland. Compared to our beloved, friendly, neighborhood fast food giants yes, but to my defense, at least we know that the beef used does all the talking. No need for “secret ingredients” to make the patty extra tasty.
  • Though fat, the fries are bland. Hey, but there is salt. There is also all purpose dressing mayonnaise. Ketchup. Mustard. In house condiments flow freely. Oh, and there is more salt. No biggie.
  • It’s greasy — you’ve been warned. Remember the restaurant’s motto? The Greasier, The Better. Yup, and that grease was unapologetic enough to smear my plate of Jawbreaker madness. Wow.


Zark’s Burger

2464 Taft Avenue

Malate, Manila

(beside College of Saint Benilde)


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