Call her C. She loves to eat.

She loves to cook too. For her it is an art, a mathematical equation, a scientific formula, a language of love and an instrument of compassion.

Her happy place is the kitchen…and the dining area… and huge supermarkets…and food stalls… and fastfood chains…and restaurants…and coffee shops…

She can not say that her cooking is perfect, she has had many misses (burning the food is the most common one!) but when she cooks something with precision you sure can throw her at a Masterchef kitchen pronto.

She used to have a blog where she put all her recipes and where she shared her (limited) restaurant rendezvous. C shut the poor blog down and lied low on cooking but maybe she will find time to unearth those yummy treats and share them here on its new home — WordPress!

By the way, the photos are all taken by her camera phone (unless specified), the humble and very reliable Acer Z500 Liquid.

Cook/buy, eat, share (CBES) says it all. This blog will feature the food she cooked and some good eats from basically anywhere as long as her taste buds approve.


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