Pork and Sardines Lumpia Recipe

Last week, I tried, for the very first time since I started preparing packed lunch for myself, stocking the fridge with ready to fry lumpia (spring rolls).

Not the typical pork or chicken lumpia or a combination of both but (drum roll) pork and sardines lumpia.

Yup, you heard it right, pork and sardines. Maybe you have tried it already. Er, maybe not.

Anyway it sure was a fun time “experimenting” at the kitchen, concocting this recipe.


Lumpia wrapper (sorry no photo)

Ground pork — this serving is around P30 only.
One can of sardines. For this dish, I removed the “tinik” (what is tinik in English? OMG) and discarded most of the tomato sauce.
Grated carrots, kinchay and onion (please chop your onions finely than this. My apologies, I cooked something that night that required that kind of size from my onions).

Easy Peasy!

All you have to do is mix everything in one bowl. Hey, there is one finishing touch to my lumpia and that is raisins for that extra sweetness.

Even a 12 year old can prepare this dish. It is fun to make, it is delicious and nutritious too plus look at the colors! By the way, do not forget to season with salt and pepper. As for me, I added my favorite cayenne pepper to this mixture.

Fill the lumpia wrappers. I think this mixture was able to produce 25 to 28 rolls which I divided into two.

You can also try other veggies like jicama, celery, zucchini, eggplant, bell peppers and maybe tofu as meat extender.

Verdict? Thumbs up!

Maybe, I should also add this to my Nomo Sesh roster? Haha

Spring rolls for sharing, anyone? Enjoy!