Healthy and filling!

I can not live without my dose of protein. I miss my meat badly.

I miss my veggies too though not as much as I long for protein but there sure is a huge gap if I lack one or the other.

My combo meal is meat + vegetable + carbohydrates (bread and/or rice though of course I prefer the latter more).

The other day, I had a healthy and filling lunch which I would like to share here:

(Beef) meatballs with buttered veggies and rice.
(Beef) meatballs with buttered veggies and rice.


Ground beef



Panko breadcrumbs

Minced garlic

Buttered veggies:



String Beans


Cayenne Pepper


Easy Peasy!

Mix all the ingredients of the meatballs and fry them in a hot pan. As for the veggies, bring water to a boil, add salt, drop the carrots first, then the chayote then the string beans.

Once the veggies colors are vibrant/cooked, put butter. Sprinkle cayenne pepper on top.

As for the meatballs, of course your recipe may be different from mine but for this recipe those are what I used.

I swear by the taste and how filling my lunch was. OMG.

My kind of thing! By the way, did I mention that of course, this is a very affordable dish? If you have pantry ingredients (say the veggies are just in your crisper and you have butter too!) then this sure is a big hit.